While driving around town and shopping this weekend, no matter where I turned, if there were people involved, I saw them in a hurry. For what? Gas. Food. Beer. Their parties. Their Mercedes. For “progress.” And aside from my interaction with family that saved me from losing it, in my attempts to interact folks, I got a lot of cold shoulders, awkard abrupt turnaways, and “get the f#$! out of my way’s”, whether with buggies, shoulders or headlights. And I further realized one thing: Our world is being ripped apart by humanity in its current form, yet for those who are trying to be aware, nature remains to show us the way. Nature models for us teamwork and a type of positive, holistic, collective progress where all work together for the benefit of the whole in every way. The exception? Humanity in its current form. Instead of adapting and giving back to benefit the whole, it takes and takes until there is nothing left. To be honest, humanity currently most resembles a virus (thanks, Agent Smith). How? An over-importance of self over everyone and everything else becomes the prime directive, and fear and ego are the driving forces that take many forms to promote this prime directive. Sure, there is nothing new under the sun, but isn’t it time to change? All one has to do is step back and observe the self and the self in others.

Unfortunately, much of western humanity continues to be more and more disconnected through a promotion of this destructive directive via phones, fast food, feel good phenomena, and instant gratifications. It’s what the symphony of destruction looks and sounds like.  

This Memorial Day, if we are to remember those who have fallen, let us see ourselves in others in an empathic way. Let us be thankful, selfless, giving, and kind. Let us not forget the many who sacrificed their lives for their fellow man to help teach humanity in one way or another. Let their sacrifices not be in vain by being a part of something uplifting, constructive, and loving. It’s time for all of us to think collectively.

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