Random Thoughts: The 21st Century Philosopher’s Thought Pennies. 

Regular insights that many of us share or might need to….
Let’s talk about the real green/yellow/sick-eyed monster. Little do most folks understand that it’s the real terrorist. In the show, “Legion,” based on a Marvel Comics series, the main character has this interdimensional creature within that wants to dominate called “The Shadow King,” and all it cares about is itself and its own desires. In our collective reality, this idea is understood as the Wetiko virus by the native Americans and other more in-tune-with-nature cultures. Read about it. And a huge part of this collective sickness is what makes the Facebook killing and its connection with today’s society so evident. 

Watching someone murdered via any social media is f’ed up in the least, but what’s more scary is the reaction that many folks (in my world, teens) had to it. It wasn’t sick, despicable, dark, nauseating, or scary to most of them. No. For many of them it was cool, intriguing, and captivating. It’s because they’re used to it… It’s because they’re used to watching animals be abused and murdered in some pretty nasty ways via social media (plus, some of the videos and games I see teens watching and playing, it’s no wonder that people find it acceptable to hurt and destroy). It’s because they’re used to saying, “I hate you-go f¥¢€ing kill yourself.” It’s because it’s easy to kill people in the gaming world. It’s because “Holly” wood keeps pumping out mostly violent and disrespectfully-sexual-to-the-woman films. 

This out of balance desire that many Americans have is in large part the same reason I see so many people staring down and in their crotches while driving. There is a lack of awareness and concern for fellow human beings. The egocentricity of Americans has “trumped” concern for brothers and sisters from other mothers, not to mention the natural world that gives us life. Entertainment and a selfish desire to appease a personal need is more important than making sure one doesn’t run over a pedestrian, bicyclist, or someone just sitting in her yard. In other words, not many folks give a sh!t about everyone else. And if we as a western society don’t get this under control, we’ll see a lot more of this stuff becoming the norm. On social media, on the big screen, on the road, and in society at large.  The choice is ours. Nothing changes if nothing changes. Will we become aware of our connection with others in time to save ourselves?

No one is going to do it for us. It’s an inside job. If we care, we’ll be aware. 

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