We’ve got to talk about something. It’s the proverbial white elephant again. I know, the whole cliché thing sounds cheesy, but it’s time to acknowledge and become fully aware of its presence. Something’s going on–with all of us, unless life has granted you with a magic wand or you’re just coasting along and everything seems … More


If we really wanted to make America great again and stand out as an educated and altruistic nation, we would come together as a people in government and community, we would learn the art of…compromise. … More Walls

Winning the Lottery

On Winning the Lottery Well, there goes not just one but two insanely big jackpots—the two coveted pot o’ golds—the very Mega Millions and the motherload of a Powerball. That’s two very, very, very rich people. Somewhere, out there. If I asked if you could imagine what that would be like, then I would be … More Winning the Lottery

Independence Days

“We pledge allegiance to the Spirit of the United Peoples of the Earth, and to the community for which it stands, one people connected to the Cosmos, indivisible, with Liberty, Love, and Peace for all.” ​I’m a rebel, but I don’t fly stars and bars-I prefer tie dye. I’m a patriot, but only for the … More Independence Days


While driving around town and shopping this weekend, no matter where I turned, if there were people involved, I saw them in a hurry. For what? Gas. Food. Beer. Their parties. Their Mercedes. For “progress.” And aside from my interaction with family that saved me from losing it, in my attempts to interact folks, I … More 5.29.17