Independence Days

“We pledge allegiance to the Spirit of the United Peoples of the Earth, and to the community for which it stands, one people connected to the Cosmos, indivisible, with Liberty, Love, and Peace for all.”
​I’m a rebel, but I don’t fly stars and bars-I prefer tie dye. I’m a patriot, but only for the great nation of earth and its good and kind peoples. In retrospect of Independence Day, instead of getting caught in the mind trap of US vs Them and following a prescribed nationalism that suggests dominance over others, remember that “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” and when the many nations of earth rage against one another, they all bleed red.  

Let us be free to follow our hearts. Let us be free to express the spirit within. Let us be free to do whatever fulfills us as spirit beings motivated by love. No allegiances to countries or organizations-just a duty to help our fellow man. Now that’s freedom. 

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