“Great questioning, Great Awakening; good questioning, good awakening; small questioning, small awakening.”

If you’re an intrigued human being, if you’re wanting to learn more about what it’s like to be human, what life is all about, why the rabbit hole of thought and critical thinking is so important, how we can positively alter our current, dysfunctional world that’s rapidly descending into destructive chaos, and you need to rise above, then you’ve found yet another connection.

If you’re disillusioned and not knowing where you fit in within this current “reality,” if you have a sense of hopelessness from time to time and you tend to feel and think more than other folks, then I’m glad you found this small portal for your journey. Please continue to explore and put the pieces together for yourself. Like our world, our minds, and our perception of reality as we continue to live each day, this site evolves daily.

The Mission

Do you find yourself maddened as the result of seeing more and more of the deceptive truth of the world? When you begin unraveling the evils of this world, do you feel enraged? Are you overwhelmed by the strife and destruction that surrounds us?

Truth is empowering, and to know something “in your bones” brings peace and a confidence; but sometimes (really most of the time) it can be disillusioning and disheartening to say the least. Uncovering a broader understanding and a wider perception that has been concealed purposefully from us can turn our whole lives upside down. It’s important to know about the many malevolent actions taken by the powers of our governments, economic systems, and ruling classes, but we cannot afford to succumb to the anger, the hatred, or the frustration in hopes of violently overturning the state of things. What we need is the knowledge, the insight, and the energy that elevates us, that helps us to rise above and see much more of the big picture, the really big picture of our universe. When we do, we have a peace that is very much a part of our understanding and a knowing that we are spirits living in a material world. And this is achieved together. This is the heart and soul of this site.


 Empathy and Its Solution for Humanity

There are only two forms of energy: Empathy and fear. True empathy can be understood as a connective form of the only great power in this universe, and that is love. The other force is fear, and it’s directly related to ego.

When we come to find a connection with everything, that we are a part of everything and everyone, and empathy begins unlocking the doors to our perceptive abilities, then we realize it’s time to change the way we look at everything. It’s time for us to realize that empathy can heal our world and its inhabitants all of whom and which are rapidly dying and suffering.

If you’re a skeptic or a person of cold hard facts and pragmatism, or if you’re a believer in a specific school of religious thought or a specific faith, then you must know that there is no judgment or hard feelings extended to you. However, you must consider thinking “on the brink of blasphemy,” whether intellectually or religiously. So, when you find empathy, be prepared for your whole world to change in the most amazing ways. It’s time for a positive change.