The Importance of Mindfulness

To say that times are rushed and busy is an understatement. I think we can all agree that the age in which we live is totally insane and disconnected. We leave our cellphones on the hood of our car and drive off. We can’t find our sunglasses when they’re on the top of our heads. We spend the few hours we have after work rushing around town and or the house to do chores. When we finally lay down at night, many of us ask, “where the hell did the day go?” or “I feel so unaccomplished.” Ultimately, we feel confused by the thoughts that our lives are flying by and we have little to show for the time.

Stay Alive

Mindfulness is one of the most important practices we must have in order not to feel so nuts, and if you haven’t got the time to “mono-task” or to focus  on an important idea, then you haven’t got the time to really live your life…

Open Focus Brain Science and Meditation

Much more to come soon….