Are you becoming awake?

Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood. — Marie Curie

Awakened awareness is nothing more than conscious consciousness and aware awareness.

The greatest solution is the simplest. 

During the late 17th Century, there was an event in time labeled “The Great Awakening.” Around four hundred years prior there was a time considered to be the Renaissance. Each one of these moments in recent human history led to massive paradigm shifts in human consciousness, and we are now advancing into the next stage of our psycho-social growth and progression. But where does this begin? It all starts with self actualization and the self realization that we are actualizing ourselves together.

Now, before you continue reading, and if you’re coming from a religious perspective (particularly of a western indoctrination), understand that this might sound like some type of deception. But the reality of it is that if you are truly honest with yourself, you will find truth as you look more closely. You will find what you consider your heart to be, and the power of love, as we come to acknowledge it, will reveal it to you. But ultimately, think for yourself. Think, and more importantly, feel for yourself. Your mind is a computer that runs programs, but your emotional connection with life is innate and much less corruptible.

The whole idea of becoming self-actualized can seem far fetched, and most of us have these grandiose ideas of what it takes to get there; however, if we’ll just become aware of the two words, we kind of get the idea for ourselves. What many of us call “waking up” means literally not being asleep anymore. And just like the act of waking  up in the morning, this holistic, collective waking up business is an eye-opening experience, only it takes place with your soul’s eyes.
So, what actually changes? Everything. Truly e-ver-y-thing. Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “One’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.” It begins when you become totally present and aware of the current moment. In that very moment you begin to see things, feel things, and understand things in such a moment of clarity that you intuitively know in your very center of your being that there’s more to everything. You start to ask a never-ending list of questions, and here’s the biggie: You contemplate your mortality. We’re not talking about thinking about our spirit’s salvation or going to an ethereal place that you’ve been guaranteed to go to by a set of beliefs and religious figures: We’re talking about literally visualizing what it’s going to be like. Read some of the many thousands of near death experiences (NDE’s) for starters. And then there are the questions that set in and that you might even fear (which we’ll discuss later). As the result of understanding the transient, limited, vain, and extremely temporary nature of just about everything, we start ceaselessly asking ourselves “Is this really worth it? Does it really matter?” And unfortunately this doesn’t go over well with the world’s systems.

All it takes is a break from all of the entertainment, the prevalent propaganda of probably everything mainstream, and just the way we tend to think in status quo mode. Then, when a person puts her mortality in perspective and takes a supernatural step back to metacognate-really observe ourselves and everything else, then we start to self-actualize.

“One’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.” Oliver Wendell Holmes

The way many of us understand this inner awakening is through a process of becoming more and more aware of what we call reality every moment of every day,  and it is truly a journey. A journey with phases, too. So, being awake in its truest sense is to be aware of so very many aspects of life. And it all begins with a single question: what the hell is all this about? Once you begin questioning, then something starts to change. And with those questions comes an infectious imaginative perspective.

Symptoms of this Awakening

  • Our change in perception regarding leadership and government
  • Our change in perception of the environment and the earth
  • Our change in perception of animals and all life
  • Our dietary shifts
  • Who am I?
  • Who are we?

A Recipe for a Personal Awakening

The Hard Stuff

Questioning everything.

Learn to be still. Learn to listen to the natural world. Practice observing. Literally look at everything that happens to you awe and contemplation.

Learn to respect everyone’s perspectives, no matter how crazy and disagreeable their perspectives might seem. In other words, even if you disagree with someone’s “beliefs”, as long as they’re not trying to kill you or anyone else, agree to disagree. We’ll all find that we can put the pieces of truth together a lot faster when we agree to disagree. Quite paradoxical, there’s something to it. 

Learn to step back and observe everything.

Learn to listen. To everything. 

Be conscious of your breath as much as possible throughout the day.

Bond with some form of nature. Maybe it’s a walk in the park or down the country road or even around a development. Just because some of us are tree huggers, doesn’t mean a connection with nature requires you to talk to it, although I think it helps. 

Star gaze. Try it. Do it regularly. If you’ve ever done it, then you know it’s awesome and you should do it more. If you haven’t, it’s an experience of awe that you’ll want more and more of. 

Love an animal as if you’re the pack leader (the good shepherd kind). Acknowledge their presence like you would a close friend or relative. It’s amazing how quickly they will adopt your presence as one of their own. Talk to them even. The lingual language isn’t what does the communicating: it’s the energy you generate.

Here’s the Really Hard Stuff

Be willing to admit you’re wrong. 

Observe your selfish motives and your prejudices. 

And most importantly, beware the ego. I’ve had to watch mine closely just in writing this. It’s sneaky and selfish and thinks it’s owed something as the center of the universe.  
If any of this intrigues you and you’d like to learn more about the process and/or want to cut the cord, burst the bubble, put the pieces together… check out the page “Things that Make You Go Hmmm” and the page Possible solutions for a chaotic and disconnected society.

Many of you have found or will find that there are a plethora of paths that can bring you to a major shift in conscious awareness. Some folks find themselves questioning everything as a the result of a near death experience (NDE). Others experience this change through an illness, an extreme hardship, or even through severe anxiety or depression. Some even find themselves at this juncture of the mind as the result of questioning some slice of our collective reality, like 9/11, terrorism, and even environmental concerns. Eventually, if any individual is seeking more out of life, continues to question everything out of curiosity, and refuses to settle for a specific system of indoctrination, she will find that there is more and more and more. But it all begins when we sense something just isn’t right.

Of course, there’s the wading through the overwhelming ocean of information. But this is where we learn to find our intuition and an ability to decipher the universe and ourselves. You see,

Finally, one of the biggest results of this major shift in awareness is an expansion of perception that not only causes your bullshit meter to become your guide, but you also start to see most of the things that occupy our time in life are, more or less, not what we think.

So, it’s time to find your actualization.