A Recipe for a Personal Awakening

A wise manrecognizing that the world is but an illusion, does not act as if it is real, so he escapes the suffering.” ~ Buddha

Ok, here’s where the rubber meets the road. 

The Hard Stuff

Questioning everything.

Learn to be still. Learn to listen to the natural world. Practice observing. Literally look at everything that happens to you in awe and contemplation. Start with a spring day. I find listening to the birds works for me.

Learn to respect everyone’s perspectives, no matter how crazy and disagreeable their perspectives might seem. In other words, even if you disagree with someone’s “beliefs”, as long as they’re not trying to kill you or anyone else, agree to disagree. We’ll all find that we can put the pieces of truth together a lot faster when we agree to disagree. It’s quite paradoxical, but there’s something to it. 

Learn to step back and observe everything.

Learn to listen. To everything. 

Be conscious of your breath as much as possible throughout the day.

Bond with some form of nature. Maybe it’s a walk in the park or down the country road or even around a development. Just because some of us are tree huggers, doesn’t mean a connection with nature requires you to talk to it, although I think it helps. 

Star gaze. Try it. Do it regularly. If you’ve ever done it, then you know it’s awesome and you should do it more. If you haven’t, it’s an experience of awe that you’ll want more and more of. 


Love an animal as if you’re the pack leader (the good shepherd kind). Acknowledge their presence like you would a close friend or relative. It’s amazing how quickly they will adopt your presence as one of their own. Talk to them even. The lingual language isn’t what does the communicating: it’s the energy you generate.

Here’s the Really Hard Stuff

Be willing to admit you’re wrong. 

Observe your selfish motives and your prejudices. 

And most importantly, beware the ego. I’ve had to watch mine closely just in writing this. It’s sneaky and selfish and thinks it’s owed something as the center of the universe.