The Lesson That Friday Has for Us.

Ahhh, Friday. It’s F-r-r-r-i-i-i-d-a-a-a-y. F-r-r-r-i-i-i-d-a-a-a-y!!! T.G.I.F. and all that, right??

Over the last few years, I’ve been fantasizing as to how I could bottle that thought, capture that energy, harness that enthusiasm just for myself in order to apply it to my daily life. I still can’t quite wrap my head around how one day can be more happy, positive, and exciting, kind of like the day before a trip or vacation. Sure, a weekend is kind of like a mini vacation where you don’t have to work to pay bills and you don’t have to follow a set routine that someone else dictates for you; but still, why do we feel so freakin’ good on Friday, originally the “day of Frigga” (Germanic goddess of love)? Well, for one, it’s finally the last day of the laborious work week? Aside from the labor aspect, if you must deal with, let’s say, an overbearing boss or coworkers who suck the life out of you, then you’re most likely wishing the Earth is indeed flat in order to fall off its edge for a couple of days so that you can hide. But it is also the day before the weekend, which usually consists of two days full of doing whatever you want (or need) to do, depending on how neat and tidy you like your house and property and how OCD or anal retentive you are. If you’re like some of us, you’ll break your back all week just so that you don’t have a bunch of chores to do on Saturday and Sunday. That means that Saturday and Sunday can be easy, just like Lionel Richie says Sunday mornings should be. So, we can conclude, then, that Fridays are awesome because of the weekend.


In total contrast to Fridays, Mondays (and sometimes even Sunday nights) are kind of like raw broccoli or asparagus or brussel sprouts when compared to the taste of your favorite sweet. The conclusion? Fridays taste much better than Mondays for starters. But have we still not figured out why? After all, when you try to rationalize the bias, you find that the only difference between the two is literally just another day.

Being the emotional human creatures that we are, as a part of our conscious and existential experience, we connect ideas and relate emotions to other things and ideas. The real culprit behind our sleepless, gut-wrenching dread of work the next day can simply be directly associated with……. our minds. What?! Do you mean that it’s on me? The concept can be a very hard pill to swallow (or a floret of dry, raw broccoli to chew), at least for someone like me. And that reality is why I still haven’t figured out how to completely transform a Monday morning into a Friday; however, I do think that what we think about becomes the code that writes the script of our lives. If this is the case, before you have that emotional Friday “hallelujah,” remember that this emotion began as a thought in your mind. Your very own metaphysical, some say spiritual, mind.

Aristotle once said, “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” I remember once having that posted in my classroom thinking that it would help me focus on the enjoyment of my work, but I’ve since found it to be a bit more complicated than that. I do, however, find it reasonable to think that our work week would be more “perfect” if we found pleasure in our grind. Anything less is lying to ourselves–and maybe even wasting time.

What’s the bottom line (at least for me)? Create a Friday morning every morning. If we are creatures of habit, then in theory it’s not much more difficult than creating a way of thinking into your daily morning ritual and routine. Add positive emotion to the mix that tricks your brain into believing it, and you’ll find that it’s something more spiritual than just habit. So, today, my advice to you is that the next time you experience a T.G.I.F. elation, record it in the notebook (or save it on the flashdrive) of your conscious mind and play it back every day until you make more of the same. Repetitively recall how good you feel in that moment of your life and set a purpose to practice it over and over. Do it until you feel it. “Fake it till you make it.” It is not an easy feat, but it is doable, just like anything else is when not hindered by excuses. Author Wayne Dyer once wrote a book entitled: “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life,” and in the end, isn’t that everything? Aren’t thoughts pretty much the source of nearly every aspect of existence? So, go forth and prepare to change some thoughts. Prepare to make more Fridays. Start by becoming aware of your thought patterns, and begin changing them, even if that means telling yourself that you’re going to have a party when you get home–maybe even every evening. One that’s responsible, of course😉. But whatever you do, be aware of your thoughts, your attitude, and your emotional responses. That’s how you can have more Fridays in life.

I know, I know, it’s easy to say on a Friday….

The Friday Work Whistle


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